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Sneaky Clean

Sneaky shoe cleaner is a premium deep cleaning solution for your shoes, trainers and boots. The..

€9,95 Netto €8,22

Sneaky Proof

Sneaky Proof Protector Spray is a premium nano protector spray acting against rain, stains, and..

€9,95 Netto €8,22

Sneaky Shoe Trees

Sneaky Trees will keep your shoes and trainers straight and crease free and the unique design allows..

€6,95 Netto €5,74

Sneaky Eraser

Sneaky suede and nubuck eraser kit cleans suede, nubuck and rubber soles/toe caps. This premium dry ..

€7,50 Netto €6,20

Sneaky Wipes

Sneaky Wipes are premium dual sided shoe wipes for cleaning shoes, sneakers and trainers. Each wipe ..

€7,50 Netto €6,20